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Medical Alarm

Rosie — Personal Emergency Response Service (PERS)

Rosie is a personal medical emergency service, suitable for the elderly, those with medical conditions or disabilities, or anyone who might require emergency assistance from time to time.

“Knowing Rosie is there 24/7 to help Mum if she needs it gives the whole family peace of mind”

Rosie emergency operators can be accessed through a village or aged care facility nurse call system, or by using a dedicated Rosie pendant.

A range of options are available including;

  • Two-way voice connection to the Rosie assistant
  • Location of wearer identified
  • Fall detection
  • Concierge personal services.

Find out more

For more information on the Rosie personal emergency response service, please complete the contact form or visit the Rosie web site.

To subscribe to the Rosie personal emergency response service, or to the Rosie Plus concierge service, please follow this link.